Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Get Your Scare Up For The K.H.F.

Hey! Guess what? Ya know all those killer Horror Fests that seem to infest the entire rest of the country from sea to shining sea often purposely diverting past Michigan (save for Detroit and Novi, obviously) in favor of greener pastures? Yeah, well, all that crap is about to seriously grind to a halt. Why? And what the hell am I spouting on about? Well I'll tell you: It's the KALAMAZOO HORROR FEST and it's dropping stake right here in my home town of Kalamazoo, Michigan! That's right kids, now we, right here in south-west Michigan can enjoy the wicked fruits of the terror tree without traveling like Gozer all over the damn map! If you live within shouting distance -and heck, even if you don't- you need to get your carcasses to the 'Zoo in October and check it out! It's gonna be a SCREAM! Click the link above to see who's all schleppin' in and discover why you, too need to go BOO in the 'ZOO!

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