Monday, May 2, 2011

The Impossible Photograph

My wife and kids went to her parent's house this past Sunday for their Anniversary. And as typically happens on occasions like that, memories were shared and boxes of old photos were rifled through over tears of joy and family lost. Well, I was at work and already lost in 'Salem's Lot' --thereby having already reached a slightly taught sense of awareness, as you might imagine-- when my phone rings. I answer and my wife is nearly breathless. She explains that buried within one of the boxes of photos they had been leafing through was a very old and worn picture of her grandmother as a kid (maybe 5 or 6) dressed in her mother's Wedding Dress. I said, "And?" (not wanting to sound disinterested but being disinterested at the same time). She said that wasn't the weird part. Oh no, the weird part is definitely why this has suddenly become 'Found Horror'...

My wife's Grandmother looks EXACTLY like my daughter, Addison. I mean a literal spitting image that is almost uncannily eerie that once she sent me the photo via phone I had to chuckle nervously and look around the empty store just to make sure there wasn't some kind of creepy visage trading souls for bizarre trinkets. Of course there was no one, but the utter similarity between my child and my wife's long deceased grandmother was borderline insane. Almost, one might conclude, odd enough to really start believing that some version of time travel can occur. There is just no way this was possible especially considering my daughter is all my side of the family and not even a hint of my wife's... or so I thought. Anyway, judge for yourself. I will post a pic of the grandmother and a pic of Addison for you to compare. Be prepared to be spooked. Even more bizarre? Both pics have lost teeth, just in different spots.