Thursday, April 21, 2011

Update... From the DEPTHS!

Just a quick update here, at Found Horror. I love me some good old fashioned games, so I figured why not make a daily quiz over on the right panel there. Basically, every day I will post an image of some kind of Found Horror and you all can chime in with the comments field directly below it. I'll post the winner of the previous day's quiz on the following day! Now that sounds fun! Oh, and don't forget that you, too can submit your OWN Found Horror to: and I will post every week! Okay, that's it... so get out there and FIND HORROR!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Three On A Pike

Well, well, well, so glad you stuck around! As promised from yesterday's intro, I have three little ghastly bits of found horror that I hope will really give you all more of a perspective into what I'm hoping to accomplish with this fun blog of mine. Not to mention a bit of a shudder down the old spine.
As you will soon see, it's not necessary to have each bit of Found Horror so directly linked to a film or story --or what have you-- that the piece needs to be either a perfect match to the source material, or even outright covered in gore. What I mean is, you don't (necessarily) have to have sliced open a finger just to get a bloody knife and call it 'Friday the Thirteenth'... though something like that would be really cool. Similarly, it doesn't have to be a bald mortician with a silver sphere to make it 'Phantasm'. As long as it reminds one of a flick or something, closeness doesn't only have to count in horseshoes and hand grenades... if you catch my meaning. Anyway, look at the pics and I think you'll get an even better understanding.

And this first pic is the one that started this whole idea. Who do you see when you look at this doll head? Sure it's just a head-and-shoulders bath toy of Dora the Explorer that belongs to my daughter (seriously), but who does it remind you of? Well, if you thought SAMARA from THE RING, good for you. Imagine having to shower with this thing more or less coming out of the wall? It's suction cupped on so there's just no point in removing it every day... I don't think. But it's definitely unsettling.

Now this here is the label from a bottle of Pier Cove Porter we have at the store (Portage City Wine Cellar represent!). The brewer is Saugatuck Brewery which is a bit of insight into where the Pier Cove once was. Next to the cove is a picture of a cabin (that's what's in the photo) that reminded me of really any given cabin from any number of movies, but for the sake of being a classic aficionado, I'll go with EVIL DEAD. Yeah, I think Bruce would approve, don't you?

And finally, another from the store. I'm sure many of you are already nodding your head in recognition, but for those who aren't, think for a minute Stephen King and George Romero... think sequel... think George Kennedy. Anything? Yeah, I thought so. Straight out of CREEPSHOW 2 we have the vengeful Native himself Old Chief Wood'nhead. Except he's holding a box of cigars. And not a gory knife. But certainly a spitting image none the less.

So, now I think you really understand what's going on here. And, with that, I'd like to hope maybe you, too have seen some Found Horror of your own and are just dying to send it to me, right? Well if so, just drop me a line at my email: and I'd be happy too. Anyway, see you all next week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Household Horror... and beyond!

Welcome, everyone, to what I hope will turn into a regular (weekly, maybe... possibly more often) feature to show around called 'Found Horror'. As the description says, this blog basically showcases little bits of horror (specifically from the entertainment genre and not from, say, actual horrific things happening outside) that I find at home and, if possible, abroad. I cited one sample again in the description, and I believe that's about the simplest way to put it: if you are enough of a horror fan to literally look at four knives sitting on a table and immediately think, 'Freddy Krueger', then you know exactly what I'm driving at with this blog.
Now, with the what's and why's out of the way, I will be striving to have at least three posts up by tomorrow to get this ball a-rolling, one of which is the entire reason behind this blog and is something I've been looking at for a few months now. Pique your interest? Good, you'll just have to hang on and wait. Also, the blog itself looks a bit desolate and that, too will rearrange itself with time.
So, with that, welcome to 'Found Horror'! Oh, and if you're already chomping at the bit and wanting to add some Found Horror of your own... well, I can guarantee that'll be an option in the coming weeks as well. So go find some horror!