Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pimpin' My Own Shit

So, I found some horror! Well, if ya wanna call semantics on it, I found horror because I wrote about it. Or, more precisely, I trolled the net for it. Why? Cuz ZOMBIES, however over-used and completely beaten to death (har har), are still cool. Especially zombies that have seemed to have taken over every facet of Pop Culture. Anyway, HERE'S THE ARTICLE. Hope ya like it!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Storm and the Link

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I've got a two-fer for you all today, neither of which are even remotely related except by the horrific connections of Found Horror. So on with it...

First of all, we have a single shot of the first of many approaching storm clouds that whipped through our area (Kalamazoo and surrounding counties) last night. I managed to get a quick shot off just before the onslaught blacked out the sun... which is funny, cuz it never really went down that way here in Portage. Somehow the bulk of the frenzy skimmed right over us and did a bit of damage to outer counties. Anyway, few things can conjure up that innate sense of fear and eminent danger like an oncoming storm. Many horror films -possibly too numerous to mention- have used the whip-crack of thunder and the pulsating flash of lightning to build mood and set the scene for an evil scientist, a lone werewolf, or even a lumbering creature. So here's my shot from the parking lot of the store and yes, I do wish I'd gotten a few different shots... but sadly, I actually had to perform duties. Anyway, hope ya like it.

The second in our two-pack today is a little link I stumbled upon on FaceBook. It's one of those lists that you either agree with, deride whole-heartedly, or nod in admiration at the author for even putting as much effort into it as he did. It's's 'Ten Horror Movies That Changed The Genre'. Take a look and at least give it a read. I have to admit, I'm leaning toward loving at least six of these, so that's pretty solid.

So there ya go: Found Horror for the day. As always, please check out the QUIZ right there on the right and send an answer either via the comments below or the comments below this article! And you can also send me a line or your own Found Horror to:!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Troll Hunter (And it's Horror, too!)

So I just watched the 2010 movie, 'The Troll Hunter' last night, and I did a review for, which will be up as soon as it is... up. I don't really control these things (Here's the review, up as of Wednesday- Ed.). But I will give you a little excerpt. Hey, it is FOUND HORROR after all... and I did find this gem. Enjoy!

"... We all know the lore. We've all heard fairy tales of the Billy Goats Gruff and the, "Fee Fi Foe Fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman...". Well, oddly, they're all true.  André Øvredal has created a masterpiece that will literally make your blood run cold at the prospect of real trolls actually existing... anywhere. But thank goodness this film takes place entirely in Norway and within its encompassing beautiful rolling hills, vast farmland, and stunning forests. If their intention wasn't to --even a little bit-- spark the Norwegian tourism industry, well, bravo in covering it up so well because the landscape with is breathtaking.

But what of the trolls? The film's suspense isn't thinned for a second, and in true First-Person perspective (the camera shots) and a not-so thinly-veiled homage to 'The Blair Witch Project' or even 'Cloverfield', we get the feeling that the trolls aren't just out there loafing around, but are lumbering hulks with no conscience and appetites for, of all things, rocks and it feels like you are along for every second of the ride..."

So there ya go! Go find this movie!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Tree of Woes

So we went to my brother's house for Easter yesterday and I had no notion of finding any kind of Horror over there. It's amazing what pops up when you're not really looking, isn't it?

His backyard is in the process of getting some much needed landscape renovation and he has this one tree in the very back by the far end of the fence. The tree is gnarly, warped, and horrendously misshapen. It obviously caught my attention right away... well, once I saw it it did. Not that it was hidden or anything, since my children took to it right away... as kids are wont to do when there's a creepy tree with some kind of terrifying magnetic pull, I just wasn't looking for anything, so I kinda missed it. And it is creepy, too. In fact, since this is Found Horror, and the whole idea is to match a piece of located terror with a scene in a movie or some other kind of media... what do you think I thought of right away? The tree from POLTERGEIST, obviously! That scene used to give me the willies! Branches punching through the window to grab Robbie... awful.

Anyway, that's your Found Horror for today: a creepy-ass tree. *shudder*

Oh, and I included the original picture and a PhotoShop-doctored version, which I find pretty sweet. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Zombie Easter!

Though any good Christian knows that Easter is really about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. HE IS RISEN!
Other schools of thought apply the obvious idea that Easter, a once Pagan holiday, celebrates the rebirth of the Earth via Spring with bunnies, chicks, and eggs.
Yet, if you apply today's love of the living dead, it almost makes a modicum of sense that there is such a thing as Zombie Easter Bunnies. And HE saw them, and decided -since the Lord has a mad sense of humor- that it was good.
So, since it Easter Sunday (Happy Easter) and this is Found Horror... well, let's just say I'd be remiss not to post this. Enjoy and see ya next week.