Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Garden Demons

Welcome one and all to the Found Horror for this week! Unless you count Sunday's as week-beginnings instead of week endings (and you are a moron), then I suppose this would technically be the second. Regardless, I've got something pretty cool for ya today.

Now I was going to leave hints and make you guess, but since I don't have a ton of participation from readers on the blog yet, and the simple fact that the title is kind of a dead give-away, I decided not to. So, on with it already...

Finally, after a few weeks of horrendous weather around these parts, the tulips in my wife's little garden finally decided to bloom big and tall. I mean these flowers are... well, presumably tulip-sized, I guess. But they sure look big! Anyway, as I was bending one over gingerly so my daughter could smell it (they're kinda on a raised side garden that borders the right side of the driveway) I noticed that inside the flower, where the pistil and stamens are (male and female, respectively) I noticed just how monstrous nature can really look. Sometimes beauty and terror go hand in hand... Check 'em out!

Three different flowers, three different versions of Nature's freaky flora.

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