Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Six-Legged Mini-Horror

Somehow, oddly, nature has been damn scary lately. First, last week, we had horrific flowers shot from the point of view of the inside. Oh, and those flowers are now dead. Anyway, this time it's the first bizarre bug I have seen this year and, luckily, it fell directly on my hand. Yeah, luckily... see, I am not a huge bug fan. If they're little, I can deal and will often pick them up and I'm cool. However, the larger you get toward half-dollar size, the less apt I am to handle and/or be anywhere in their immediate time zone. Now all of this is predicated on the simple fact that non of these are bees. Bees and I are not friends.

Anyway, this bug was quite tiny. In fact, it was only maybe a millimeter or two long. It was a lot easier to see from my own eyes and, sadly, the only camera I had handy was my phone. So, since I know you can't really see it, I've also included an image of the bug in huge size. And no, these bugs do not ever get this big. In fact, they really only ever get about as big as the one that fell on me. Oh, and they're called Tan Weevils, oddly enough. Anyway, here's your horror which obviously could be something wicked that crawls into your nostril and consumes you from your brain outward! GAAAHHH!!!


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